Saturday, May 10, 2008

Student Teaching is Over

So, yesterday was my last day student teaching. On one hand, I am really glad it's over. One more thing crossed off the list of what needs to be done before graduation. On the other hand, I am really going to miss my students. I've had a great time getting to teach them and, to some extent, hang out with them. Being a student teacher gives the opportunity for a unique relationship with students. I think it's kind of like this: the student teacher is a cross between students and teachers (hence the name "student teacher"). I don't think any of my own classes in the future, no matter how great the students are, will offer the same type of relationship as that with my students this semester.
For those of you who read this, it's been great. Thanks for putting up with me. For most of you, good luck in college next year. For the rest of you, remember to finish strong. You're so close to the high school finish line, and you should never slack off at the end of a race. GO MAVS!!!

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Andrew said...

Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone in your career as a future educator. Best of luck...AG