Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blunders of The Silver Chair

Jill Pole, a girl from Experiment House in England, is caught up into the world of Narnia at the beginning of The Silver Chair. Almost from the very beginning of the story, she has a tendency to mess up some pretty important things. Initially, she accidentally knocks Edmund off of a cliff (don't worry, he doesn't die), and is given instructions from Aslan concerning the reason the two of them were called to Narnia. She is given four signs, and she manages to forget them several times and botch them up when she can remember them. Despite it all, the quest with which she was challenged is completed. It's almost as though Aslan gave her the signs, knowing that she'd mess things up, so that He could use her even more to fulfill his will.

I use to think that God had a perfect will planned for my life, and if I made one wrong decision, the whole thing would be screwed up and I could never get back on the right track, fulfilling His master plan for me. I don't think like that anymore. Yes, God has plans for each of us...He wrote our story long before the forming of the world and everything in it. However, I think this story is less like a novel and more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. God is sovereign, there is no doubt, but He gives us the choices to make. He allows us to choose which path to take. And guess what...even when we screw up, He uses those mistakes to fulfill His will. It's as though He's known all along when and how we'll mess up, and has already made the effort to rectify the situation and bring His promises to fruition. Oh wait, that's exactly what it is.

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