Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Most Awesome Anniversary Gift

Tuesday was mine and Sarah's 2nd anniversary. For her birthday last month, I bought her the complete Gilmore Girls series, so I toned it down a little bit for our anniversary. Sarah is a closet Harry Potter fan (I like outing her when I can ;-) ), so I bought her her very own Monster Book of Monsters plush book (as seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). Guess what...that wasn't the most awesome anniversary gift though. Her gift to me was.
For the last few months, Sarah has been sneaking around behind my back taking pictures of different things and places from my past and hers. These include places at North Greenville, Converse, Summerville (yes, she drove to Summerville and back in a day just to take some pictures), Awanita, and others. Now, her friend Jen was going with her, and Jen is an avid photographer, so I figured her trips had something to do with pictures, but I just figured Sarah was putting together a photo album. That's not what it was! She actually spent hours on the computer organizing these photos and whatnot, and had them PUBLISHED IN A BOOK called "The Life of the Eudoxus."



Thanks, Sarah. I love you!!!

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