Saturday, January 31, 2009


I finally gave in and read Twilight in the last couple of days. It was pretty good, but I don't see what all the obsessions has been about it. Then again, I'm not a teenage girl, either. I started New Moon today.

And, in case any of you are thinking that my salvation is at stake because I'm reading a FICTIONAL book about vampires, get over it. And just so you have something else to gripe about me over, I've also read all of the Harry Potter books (and loved them), parts of the Book of Mormon (and hated it), and parts of the Baghavad Gita (and hated it). I've also ready all of the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (and own the movies), but most people don't make a fuss about that because they were written by Christian men (even though Tolkein never made any comment that LOTR was based on anything Christian).

By the way, I also used to have earrings.

Sorry for the rant, but several people I know (my wife included) have been bashed by comments on their blogs because they've read the Twilight saga, and it really irritates me that people take the time to comment like that. For those of you thinking of doing that on my blog, here's some advice. Use the 10 minutes it takes you to fume about this and the 2 minutes it takes to write a comment, and go outside, knock on your neighbor's door, and show them love. I promise you won't be nearly as concerned about my reading after that.

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Good Egg31 said...

Twilight is the greatest :) And if you ran around with an I Love Edward shirt on, i'd be a little worried :)