Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bachin it, Day 4

Today was an up and down day.

- I woke up 45 minutes late. Considering I normally get to work an hour and a half before school starts, it wasn't that big of a deal, but I hate being late.

- I gave blood at school today. Since I'm a universal donor, they wanted me to donate two units instead of one. No problem for me. When you do two units, though, they hook you up to a machine that draws your blood, separates the parts (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma), and then puts back what it isn't using. So, 5 minutes of drawing blood, 5 minutes of a saline solution going back into my body. Took a little longer, but wasn't bad at all.

- At the end of the school day, Mr. Brown (my principal) called me down to his office. Guess what...I'll have a job next year. Woohoo!

- The best part about today, though, is that it's the day before Thursday, and Sarah comes home on Thursday!!!

I'm about to head to bed...still not sleeping well.

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