Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun Times

Today, Sarah and I were planning on going to the beach. Even though it was bright and sunny in Conway, once we got to Surfside, it looked really cloudy, and we didn't want to take the chance of getting stuck in the rain, since we were having to pay to park at the state park.
Anyway, we went to check out the progress on our house, and it's coming along well. As far as we could tell (we can't go in, but we looked through the windows), all of the painting was done and the garage door was installed.
Then we went to try out a new restaurant - Panda, which is in Carolina Forest near the Kroger. The food was good and priced well, but we were the only customers there, and it was lunchtime on a Saturday. Weird.
Well, after that, we went to Wal-Mart, bought Clue and Monopoly, and spent the majority of the rest of the day playing games. Most of the time, Sarah won (every time we played Monopoly she won), but I had a few victories.
All in all, even though we didn't get to go to the beach like we wanted to, it was an awesome day. I really enjoyed getting to spend a whole day with my wife and not worry about anything else. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow :-)

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Documents said...

What's Hal. Did you figure out the expected value on the game of monopoly? Put stats knowledge to use.

So a fight in your class. A little advice, Boys fight, but girls fight with a passion.

Hope all is well, my kids are driving me nuts, so all is normal