Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Been A Busy, Busy Week

Well, this past week has been incredibly busy.
Last Monday, I spent a good bit of time finishing getting our house set up.
Tuesday, my new teacher orientation for Horry County Schools started. We spent the day attending classes and meeting other new teachers. It was worthwhile, but it was draining.
Wednesday, I continued my orientation by first meeting with all of the new high school math teachers for the district in the morning and with all of the new teachers at North Myrtle Beach High in the afternoon.
Thursday and Friday I actually got to work in my room at North Myrtle Beach High. It's a pretty cool room: oddly shaped, but pretty sizable. I also got my list of classes which I'll be teaching, and it's all Algebra, all the time.
This week is more of the same. There'll be some staff development classes and some time spent working in my classroom. Hopefully it will be completely ready by the end of the week. One week from tomorrow class starts.
Yesterday and today have been a nice break. Sarah and I got to spend some time together (which is always good).
Hopefully once I'm in the swing of things, I'll have more time to sit, relax, and possibly even blog. Until then, don't hold it against me.

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