Saturday, April 5, 2008

Student Teaching

I've been doing my student teaching for about 2 months now, but this week was my first week doing everything - teaching all 5 classes and whatnot. Yesterday, I had a little insight.
Jesus' followers called him "Rabbi," which means "teacher." Jesus was a teacher. The Bible says that Jesus was fully God, and yet fully man. Doesn't that mean that He had to deal with the same emotions we have to deal with? I wonder if Jesus ever went through the same emotions I've gone through as a teacher.

Was He sometimes proud of us because we do our best to follow His instruction, even though we fail over and over again?

Was He sometimes discouraged because His followers, at times, didn't even care to listen to what He had to say, even though He knew it could change their lives?

Was He sometimes comforted by the fact that a few of His followers actually got it - maybe not all of it, but they had an "aha" moment where they saw clearly.

Was He sometimes frustrated because He saw such great potential in His followers, but they refused to even try to use that potential?

I think He did feel these emotions, but I think He dealt with them much better than any of us do. Emotion is a powerful motivator, but emotion can never be a moral compass.

Lord, help me to follow You, regardless of how I feel.


Bill said...

You are going to be a fantastic teacher... You already are! I am so impressed by your insight and ability to relate everyday life to our Lord and the scriptures.


Trip said...

Thanks for the insight. Trying to motivate a group of teenagers can be pressing and push on your own emotions.

I appreciate the words of encouragement.


Leann said...

I remember the days of student teaching. Some parts get easier with time and some don't. I love the parallel with what we go through as educators and what Jesus must have gone through as a teacher. I had never thought of it that way. :)