Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Fun

So, today was my birthday, and it was a most excellent day.

Sarah and I started the day off going to Beach Church and got to worship with our Lifegroup and a whole bunch of other Christ-followers (always good times).

After lunch, I got to open my presents from Sarah. Yes, I said presents. My wife tends to go all out, and she definitely went all out on this. She'd been saving her blow money (see Dave Ramsey if you don't know what that means) for months. She bought me a table saw AND a router, both of which I've been wanting for a while, but I don't possess the discipline to save my blow money long enough to get them. Here's a couple pictures.

After an afternoon nap, Sarah started work on a homemade cheesecake (which we will be eating shortly). Then, we went out to Travinia for dinner and went to Barnes and Noble.

To top off everything my awesome wife has done for my birthday, I've received numerous text messages and facebook wall posts wishing me happy birthday, and phone calls from two of the closest friends from my past, Christof and Nate. Thanks for everything.

And now, back to the regular world (where my wife is still awesome, and I get to eat cheesecake).

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