Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tootaloo Home Depot!

Today was my last day working at Home Depot. It was a long day, but that's okay. It stinks that I won't get to hang out with my friends there, but I'm really glad that chapter of my life is closed. It's going to be great when I start working only one job and not going to school. Hey, I might even have time to spend with Sarah. That would be totally kick-awesome!


Sarah Weber said...

kick awesome, huh? I agree! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great, at least now you will have a private life. Home Depot preaches a good game, but doesn't live up to their wheel of values. If you work at Home Depot as a career, their scheduling doesn't allow two consecutive days off. You go home tired you go back to work tired. I've approached HR about this they say it is the computer scheduling. I've approached the manager about this they say it is the computer scheduling. WHO'S IN CHARGE? The computer?. I've emailed, Frank Blake three monthes ago, No Response.