Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Decision Has Been Made

As you may know, Sarah and I have been praying about moving to Surfside Beach (just south of Myrtle Beach, SC) for quite some time now. Last week, we finally made our final decision, and we have total peace about it. We will be moving to the Surfside area, although we're not totally sure exactly where. Sarah will be taking the position of Area Marketing Director for Myrtle Beach Chick-Fil-A, and I'll (hopefully) be working for the Horry County School District, although I do not yet have a job. Like I said, we have total peace about this, even though I don't have a job yet.
If you've been following my blog for a long time, you may remember one of my original posts, entitled Vision vs. Provision. In it I talked about how sometimes God doesn't provide everything when He calls us somewhere. Sometimes He calls us, and then waits until we get there to give us what we need. In my life, I have struggled with lots of things in my faith, but I have never doubted that God will provide what I need. I think this gets under Sarah's skin because I seldom worry about things.
Anyway, that's that. Sarah and I are excited about moving, although we will miss our friends and especially our families, all of which are in the upstate. We're excited about getting to do something different, and to rely completely on God and each other for everything. This chapter of our lives will be a great time of growth for our marriage and our spiritual walks. It's going to be great, even though it's going to be difficult.

So, today I was packing some books, and came across one of my old journals. In it, at some point, I was taking notes on either a message or book by Erwin McManus (I have never been one to write all of the particulars about a speaker or author, so I'm not sure where the notes came from, but they're in my journal in my handwriting, so I know I took them). Here are a few excerpts from my notes:
"It's not the one who qualifies, but the one who takes the chance."
"When we take initiative, God intersects our lives with His activity."
"If your life is absolutely boring, don't blame God."
"There comes a time when we have to get to the point of no return and take real risks."
"Faith = Risk; Faith = Trust"
and finally
"If you don't have the courage to live your dream, then your dream doesn't matter."

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Bill said...

Congratulations on your decision. Your faith is great and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, etc.